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Are you working on your  family tree and looking for relatives?

So you are on right place. Especially, if you are looking for ancestors from Austro-Hungarian empire times, in places where is Czech republic in nowadays. These pages will help you to find matches with other users. After you make a registration, you will be able to upload file(s) with your family trees in GEDCOM format (What's this?), which can be exported from most of the programs for creating family trees. Then your family tree will be compared with others that are already stored in our database. You and matched user will be notified about new matches. The proposed matches can then confirmed or rejected and you can contact owner of matched individuales to exchange more informations.

Would you like to know where the surname occurred in the past? 

If you decide to share your data with us, it may helps others who are searching for the occurrences of the surname in the past (current incidence can analyze here - in Czech republic :-) ). Every surname has page where you will see users with the occurrence of surnames in their pedigrees. You will see years where the surname occurs, but also the locations where these occurrences took place. If users entered GPS positions of the sites, you can switch directly to the map.

Do not worry about privacy!

If you upload your family tree with informations abou living people, none of the other users will see their data except with your explicit agreement. Your confirmation is necessary for every new found match, so you have under control what you are sharing with other users.

What this page cannot do?

First of all, this is not site where you can manage your family tree (so far not:-) , so it is not possible modify your family tree. However, if you modify your family tree in your program, you can update uploaded files. Confirmed or denied matches will be preserved.

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