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We have long searched the Internet service that is reasonably able to compare pedigrees and find potential matches. We did not find nothing optimal for us, so we decided to create such a service themselves. The result is this website. Inspiration for us was kind of service MyHeritage.

However, we can not manage everything through our own forces, and therefore we are looking for volunteers, especially:

  • Testers - who would be willing to upload their own gedcom files, actively click through these pages, to comment on the functioning, post tips on improvements or new features, etc.
  • Graphic designer - as you've probably noticed the look of the site is completely state of the art, but some functionality is sufficient, but if you are capable graphics designer (CSS coder) willing to lend a helping hand, you are welcome to help
  • Translators - apart from simple graphics you've probably noticed that it is not exactly in the best condition of the English version of the website and almost completely lacking mutations German. If you speak one of these languages, or do you think we could do as well as any other language version, with which you can help us, please contact us.

You can contact us via gedmatch(at) or Facebook

Although this site is designed as a non-profit project and we will be trying to make a living by advertising, while it subsidizes interest on their money. If you like our idea or its execution and or just enough money :-) and would like to support us, you can.

You can donate by bank transfer to the account set up for this site:   670100 - 2204500604 / 6210
   ( IBAN: CZ48 6210 6701 0022 0450 0604 BIC: BREXCZPPXXX )

Alternatively, you can contribute via PayPal.

Thank you